A PARABLE: The Land of Mirrors

This morning our 8th grade class lead chapel. Their message was A Parable: The Land of Mirrors. In the “Land of Mirrors” no one could see themselves clearly and so they imagined themselves to be perfect. Once the mirrors were cleaned, each one saw their own faults and weaknesses. This skit raises the issue of recognizing our sinfulness in order to see our need for a Savior. Nice job 8th grade!

Saving Fred – A Critical Thinking Activity

8th graders are great role models for our 3rd grade class! Today we worked together on a critical thinking activity.

Poor Fred! He was sailing along on a boat (plastic cup) when a strong wind blew it upside-down. Fred (candy worm) ended up on top of the upside-down boat. Unfortunately for Fred, his life preserver (candy life preserver) is still trapped under the boat. The job was to place the life preserver firmly around Fred’s body, while obeying three rules:

1. Fred may not fall into the “sea” (onto the table) more than one time; if he does, Fred “drowns.”
2. You may not injure him in any way (stab him with a paperclip).
3. You may use only the four paper clips to move Fred, the boat, and the life preserver. You may not touch anything except the paper clips.

* Some students not pictured – photo release purposes

8th Grade Auction Basket

The 8th grade class is donating a “Pet Basket” for a small breed dog for this year’s auction. Our basket is coming along nicely, but we could still use a few items to complete it: collar, leash, grooming services, vet services,etc. There is still time to donate an item and thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Fall Mum Sale

Students are currently selling Fall Mums. This is our first trip fundraiser for this year. There is still one week left! Accepting orders through September 21st! You may drop off your order form with money or check made payable to Trinity Lutheran School in the office.

Delivery To TLS will be Friday, September 28th from 3:15-6:00pm, with another opportunity to pick up your order on Saturday, September 29th from 9-11am.