About Mrs. Hanna

My job is very important to me and I value the opportunity to share Christ through education, fellowship and worship, and look forward to preparing students as they look forward to leaving Trinity for the bigger world of high school and beyond.

One area on which I place special emphasis is the use of technology in the classroom.  In an increasingly technical world, where students are exposed to countless new technologies outside the classroom, I feel it is crucial to incorporate computers and other educational technology as a way to engage today’s students.  Furthermore, the students’ future careers will almost undoubtedly require technological literacy of one sort or another, and I hew to the philosophy that it is never too early to start teaching the children to use and explore technology in useful, educational ways.

Recognizing that learning is a lifelong process and that educational technology is constantly evolving, I have completed a Masters in Classroom Technology at Bowling Green State University. My past educational experience includes a B.A. in Education from the University of Toledo, as well as having completed the Concordia University Education Network—Teacher Colloquy program.

Outside of school, I enjoy fly-fishing, camping and spending time outdoors with my family.