American Revolution Battle Maps

Groups illustrated maps showing what the Patriot battle plans may have looked like (Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga). Then groups explained one of the following: the outcome and significance of the battle; an analysis of the Patriot strategies at the battle; and, for the Battle of Saratoga, why the battle was a turning point in the war.

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National Mock Election Results!

2015-06-16t22-36-25-666z-1280x720-nbcnews-ux-1080-600School: Donald Trump – 62.82%, Hillary Clinton – 25.64%, Gary Johnson – 7.69%, Richard Duncan – 2.56%, Jill Stein – 1.28%

hillary_clinton_1786283State: Hillary Clinton – 44.76%, Donald Trump – 34.55%, Gary Johnson – 5.05%, Jill Stein – 5/10%, Write Ins – 5.42%, Abstain – 3.78%, Richard Duncan – 1.33%

hillary_clinton_1786283Nation: Hillary Clinton – 51%, Donald Trump – 31%, Gary Johnson – 6%, Jill Stein – 2.4 %

National Mock Election Day 2016

Today was Election Day at Trinity Lutheran School! Students in Mrs. Hanna’s 6-8th grade Social Studies classes (as well as Mrs. Gordon’s 3rd grade class and Mr. Thacker’s 4th grade class) participated in a National Mock Election!  

Our social studies classes have been working hard on being prepared and informed voters for today’s important event.  

Each year, Youth Leadership Initiative conducts the largest secure, student-only, online mock election in the nation, using electronic ballots tailored to each student’s home legislative district.

Be sure to look for results this Friday, October 28th! Results will also be used in a nationwide Mock Election television broadcast the week of the general election.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2016

Last Friday we celebrated Grandparents and Special Friends Day at Trinity. First our grandparents and special friends enjoyed a nice breakfast in the gym, then visited our classrooms.  In 8th grade, our grandparents and special friends helped us with a Spelling & Vocabulary Quiz, a Google Classrooms assignment, followed by a game of Pictionary on the Smartboard, and finally we were entertained by a ventriloquist!

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8th Grade Leads Chapel

Today the 8th grade students lead chapel.  Our message was Jesus is the Way from John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  Students were acolytes and ushers, they lead prayers, hymns, skits, held signs, and a manned our Google Slides presentation!  These kids did a fantastic job today!


Hoopin’ It Up in Hanna’s Class

Here’s some crazy fun in 8th grade Spelling & Vocabulary today.  Students hear a definition read to them, and if they can match the correct vocab term, they get 1 point for their team.  Then they have the option to shoot for more points!  Check ’em out!

8th Grade Students Are Awesome!

This week the 8th grade students had some opportunities to be leaders and role models for the younger grades here at Trinity.  Their first opportunity was Wednesday, for SEE YOU AT THE POLE. The 8th graders sat together with their chapel families, took prayer requests and led their families in prayer.  A second opportunity was this morning where they lead their families in a game to introduce themselves and each chapel family member, then they led their families in prayer and finally colored pictures for people in nursing homes and in hospice.

Many members of our faculty here at Trinity have let me know how impressed they are with our 8th grade students – what great role models, examples, and leaders they are!  You make your teacher proud 8th grade! Keep being awesome 🙂

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