Fundraisers – Fall Mum Sale


Our Fall Mum Sale10_low-maintenance_mums is well underway.  Students have their own order forms and have hopefully begun to take pre-orders for mums!  We will be selling our mums at church services again this Wednesday evening, next Sunday, and again next Wednesday evening.  I have a sign up sheet posted on my “Scoop” bulletin board in my classroom, so be sure to sign up for a time slot!

Debating the Treatment of Native Americans!

Check out these awesome kids in action!  They prepared arguments for each side of a debate about how Native Americans should be treated.  One student in each group, took the point of view of Bartoleme de Las Casas, who believed the Spanish should treat Native Americans with gentleness and kindness.  The other student took the side of the plantation owner and explained why the Spanish established the encomienda system.

8th Grade raises a new flag in honor of veterans!

Our class came up with a list of veterans and we raised our school’s new flag today in honor of the following:  Great Grandfather Skiver, Paul Skiver, Mack Borders, Norman Isaksen, Henry Marttala, Don Notska, Oliver Knox, Great Grandfather Warner, Great Grandfather Klement, Ralph Hansen, Danny Glore, Gilles Frankert, Great Uncle Yambert, Grandfather Jesse Yambert, Duane Ryherd, Tom Buck, and Michael Lyell.

8th Grade Trip Fundraising Update

Yesterday was the deadline for Trinity Spirit Wear orders.  Thanks to Lynda Yambert for organizing that!  We plan to do this again with other sports down the road.

Thank you also to Lisa O’Neill for working on another fundraiser for us.  She is currently working on getting a Fall Mum Sale going so be sure to look for more details on that sometime soon!

Remember, we will have our destination for our trip decided by the end of October and the cost per person will be $625.