Parent Resources

PBS Parents – Helping with Homework

This resource is for parents who are wondering how to help their child with homework without a struggle. It explains that parents shouldn’t do their child’s homework or hover while their child does homework, but goes on to explain the best ways parents can support and encourage their child to get the work done.

Scholastic – Homework Help for Parents

This help resource helps parents “take a step back” from helping their child too much with homework. As per the article, “When parents are overly immersed in homework, they deny kids the chance to become more independent and confident. Worse, it can breed anxiety along the way.” This article will be helpful for these parents because it gives examples of the Old Way of helping their child with homework as well as an example of a New Way of helping with homework.

US Department of Education – Helping Your Child With Homework

This homework resource begins by helping parents understand why teachers assign homework, if it helps children learn, and proper amounts of homework. It then goes on to explain various ways parents can help with homework: showing your child that you believe homework and education are important, how to monitor assignments, how to provide guidance, and even how to talk with teachers to resolve problems.

Discovery Education – Educational Resources for Parents

Discovery Education offers a wide variety of useful homework help, for both parents and students. There are links to sites that can help parents and students find creative ways to motivate their child with homework, as well as sites that can provide homework help by subject.

Kids Health – Top 10 Homework Tips for Parents

This resource provides an easy to read list of the top 10 homework tips for parents. This would be a good resource for parents who already feel they don’t have time to do anything extra, and who aren’t going to spend a lot of time reading an entire article. This list describes help tips from setting up a homework friendly area, to setting a good example, and even something as simple as praise.

Family Education – Homework Help Tip for Parents

This site has many links to homework help resources. This resource can be helpful for parents of kids who have homework that requires the use of technology, as there are some Internet Safety links. Parents should be aware of how to help their child be safe online. There is a link for 5 Tips for School Success, another for How to End Homework Battles, and yet another for basic homework help.